How Do You Cite Sources in APA Style?

How Do You Cite Sources in APA Style?

To cite sources using APA style, use parenthetical notes after quotations and paraphrases in the text to indicate the author, year and page number. Include each work that you cite in the References list, on a separate page after the end of the paper.

  1. Determine whether the citation involves a quotation or a paraphrase

    Include any passage from the source that includes more than three consecutive words verbatim from that source inside quotation marks. Follow the quotation marks with a "(", followed by the author's last name, the year of publication and the page of the source where the quotation appears. Put a ")" after the page number, and then add a period. Follow the same procedure without the quotation marks for a paraphrase.

  2. Add the work to the References list

    Put the bibliographical information from the source into the References list. Set the indentation for each reference at 0" for the first line and 0.5" for subsequent lines, and enter the information in this format for a book: author's last name, author's first initial. Title of book (in italics). City of publication: Publisher. Use the correct form for different source types, as each format (magazine article, website, movie, work of art, and so on) has its own style requirements per APA format.

  3. Arrange references alphabetically

    Line up the entries in the References list alphabetically. Order them according to the author's last name.