How Do You Cite a Journal?

How Do You Cite a Journal?

The acceptable way to cite a journal in a book or research paper depends on the citation style the publisher or professor requires. Some of the most commonly used citation styles are APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabian. These preferred style depends largely on the academic discipline of the work.

APA, the style of the American Psychology Association, is most commonly used by authors working in the social sciences, reports the Yale College Writing Center. In this in-text citation system, the writer inserts the name of the author(s) of the cited work plus the year it was written within parentheses in the body of the text and provides full details on the resource in the list of references.

The Modern Language Association's style, MLA, is often used for the humanities. It is an in-text system as well, but it provides the page number in the in-text citation and includes a section of cited works in place of APA's references section.

There are two versions of the Chicago Manual of Style citing style: a notes and bibliography system, used mostly in the humanities, and an author and date system, similar to APA in terms of in-text citations and used in the sciences, states Purdue Online Writing Lab. The notes/bibliography system combines footnotes or endnotes with a bibliography. This system allows commenting on the sources used in the notes.

The Turabian system is similar to the Chicago system but is specifically geared toward the needs of students.

Online style guides are available for all these citation styles.