How Do You Cite an Internet Source?

How Do You Cite an Internet Source?

The most popular citation method is the Modern Language Association, or MLA, method and to cite an Internet source with MLA, a person should follow a template, such as the one shared on Purdue University's Online Writing Lab. This includes using details such as the author's name, the page title, the website's name and the publication information.

Follow these steps to create a proper Internet citation in MLA format.

  1. List the author's name

    The first part of the citation should include the author's name in the format of "Last Name, First Name."

  2. List the page title and website title

    The second step is the title of the page put into quotation marks following the period after the author's first name. Then, the website title should be written in italics without quotation marks and following the period after the page title.

  3. Write the publisher and publication date

    Next, write down the publisher or the sponsoring institution for the Internet page or site as well as the date that it was published or created online. There should be a comma between the publisher and the publication date.

  4. Add the medium and time viewed

    The person should then write down the medium, such as Cable News Network or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Following this, the time viewed should be written down in the format of day / month / year. An example would be 15 Oct. 2009.

  5. Compare the listing to the MLA template

    Compare the finished MLA Internet citation to the MLA template found at BibMe. It should read:

    "Last Name, First Name. "Page Title." Website Title (in italics). Sponsoring Institution/Publisher, Publication Date. Medium. Date Accessed."

    If the template fits the Internet citation created, then it is correct.