How Do You Cite an Image?

When adding photographs or images to a paper for academic or professional purposes, cite the image by listing the name of the artist, the title of the photograph, the year the image was created and any other relevant information. By following the Modern Language Association (MLA) rules, a writer can properly cite an image for their paper, Purdue University notes.

  1. Add the name of the photographer with their surname first
  2. When citing a photograph, write the photographer's name with their surname first, followed by a comma and then their first name, Easy Bib notes. Other identifying information. such as the photographer's middle name and suffix, is also appropriate.
  3. Include the name of the photograph
  4. In the case of the photograph being named after a person, citing the photographer in the MLA fashion above erases confusion about who is the subject. The name of the photograph should be italicized rather than enclosed in quotation marks..
  5. Include the year of the picture
  6. Always include the year of the photograph, as well. This should be the year that the image was taken, and this part of the citation should have a period after it.
  7. Add in all other relevant photograph information
  8. Write where the photograph was published, the museum in which it is displayed and the location of that museum. In the case of a newspaper or website, list the page of the book where the image can be found or the website URL and the date that it was accessed.