How Do You Cite With APA Format?

How Do You Cite With APA Format?

For in-text citation using the APA format, parenthesize the year and paragraph number before the quote, center the title "References" at the document's end, and format the cite for each source. The cite format is: Last name, First initial. Date. Title. News company.

  1. Determine the source type

    Categorize your source as either a book, a journal, an interview or an online news article so you know whether to add paragraph numbers in the in-text citation.

  2. Implement in-text citation

    Before a short quote from an online news article and after the source author's name, write the year, a comma and a paragraph number in parentheses. The paragraph should be written as: "(p. #)."

  3. Cite each source in the References section

    Center, do not bold, but use the accepted font for the rest of the article for References at the end of the document.

  4. Write the authors' names

    Maintain a 1-inch left indent for all citations. The basic format for an online news article is to put the last name, a comma and the first initial for all authors (there can be a comma after a period).

  5. Write the date

    The date is in parentheses. The format is: year, comma, the month's name spelled out and the day in numbers.

  6. Write the title

    For an online news article, only the first word is capitalized. The title of the news company such as CNN is italicized.

  7. Copy and paste the URL

    Write "Retrieved from:" and paste the link after that.