How Do You Cite a Web Page?

How Do You Cite a Web Page?

To cite a website in MLA format find the author or editor names, the article name, the title of the website, the date the material was published and the URL (if required). You will also need the date you accessed the material.

  1. Verify the version the paper is to be written in

    Papers can be written in MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian or other formats, and each format has different requirements for citations. Most liberal arts and humanities use the MLA format discussed here.

  2. Gather the information

    Find the author or editor names (if available) for the webpage you are citing. Find the article name and the title of the website, project, or book. See if there are any version numbers available, including revisions, posting dates, volumes, or issue numbers. Look for publisher information, including name and publishing date. Look for any page numbers. Note the medium of publication and the date you accessed the material. Include the URL if required by your instructor.

  3. Format the citation

    Use the hanging tab format. Start with the author's name, written "last, first". Alphabetize authors by last name, then write the article name in quotation marks. The title of the website is then included in italics. Version numbers, dates, volumes or issue number are listed next, but if no date is found use "n.d.". Then put the publishing info, followed by the date. Include page numbers if possible. Place periods between each group of information.