What Does "cirugia De Nariz Costo" Mean in English?


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The Spanish phrase "cirugia de nariz costo" means "nose surgery cost" in English. The phrase is common when talking about the cost of cosmetic nose surgery, or Spanish speakers might use it to talk about a nose surgery that took place in the past.

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"Cirugia" is the Spanish word for "surgery." The phrase "de nariz" means "of the nose." Therefore, "cirugia de nariz" means "surgery of the nose" or "nose surgery." "Costo" is the Spanish noun for "cost." Therefore, the phrase can simply mean "nose surgery cost."

However, if "costo" appears with an accent over the last O, "costó," then the phrase could be an actionable phrase meaning "nose surgery cost" in the past tense. "Costó" is a preterite conjugation of the Spanish verb "costar," which means "to cost." A speaker could say "cirugia de nariz costó mucho dinero," which would mean "nose surgery cost a lot of money."

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