How Do You Choose the Right Private Boarding School for Your Child?

How Do You Choose the Right Private Boarding School for Your Child?

Several factors should be considered when choosing a boarding school for a child including the size of the school, the core curriculum and distance from home. Other considerations include whether you want a religious, military or single-gendered school. Most boarding school websites offer video tours and reviews from students and former students. Online resources such as Boarding School Review and Private School Review allow users to gather information about potential schools and offer tools for planning and applying to schools.

Parents should have an idea of what type of environment is best suited to their child. Children who have had prior experiences with being independent do better in larger schools than others who may need a smaller community.

The student's college goals are another factor to consider when selecting a right fit. Boarding schools offer different curriculum choices and extracurricular programs aimed at preparing their students for specific college goals. Whether the student is interested in sports, art, politics or drama can narrow the list of potential schools.

The cost of tuition, financial aid resources and distance from home also help narrow the field of potential schools. Costs associated with visiting during the school year can be factored into the final decision.

Visiting the campus before applying helps parents and students get a feel of what students' life is like on campus. Although many schools offer video tours online, visiting the school in person is an important step in choosing the correct school.

Exploring the schools' websites allows parents to see the school's requirements. Each school has specific requirements for applicants. The information that each school provides online can help parents decide whether their child is qualified and likely to pass the application process.