How Do You Choose Your Major?

How Do You Choose Your Major?

Choosing a major involves carefully considering one's interests and potential associated career paths, as well as the determining the financial implications of choosing a particular major. Financial implications not only include costs associated with getting the degree, but future salary considerations as well. At most schools students can double major, create their own major or choose to minor in a subject as well as major, so there are often many options available to suit one's needs.

These steps can help students choose the major that is right for them:

  1. Interests and passions
  2. If a student has a strong interest in a particular subject or is passionate about a particular subject then the student should follow their passion.

  3. Field related to the major
  4. Students should also look at the field that they would be entering into upon graduating within a particular major. One way to do this is to job shadow people who work within different areas of the same field such as looking at writers, publishers, top executives, editors, layout designers and teachers for an English major. Survey the field and see if it interests the student.

  5. Salary and wages
  6. Students should consider the kind of salaries and wages that a particular major makes when choosing a major. If a student is unwilling to work for lower wages then it may not be a wise decision to major in an obscure field with historically and statistically low wages.