How Do You Choose Your Major in College?

Choosing the best college major typically involves consultation with parents and college advisers to identify the right career field. Factors involved in the decision include areas of passion for the student, job and income opportunities, and available majors at colleges of interest.

One tool students use during high school to evaluate major options is a career aptitude test. Such tests offer insights into a student's abilities and interests. Getting feedback on this type of test helps direct students into fields that relate to their passions and abilities to develop valuable job skills. College alumni, professors, friends and family members are other useful resources in selecting the right major.

  1. Talk with an advisor

    Advisors are employed by academic institutions and have experience advising students on matters such as choosing a major. Advisors discuss areas of academic interests and recommend certain classes, which helps to simplify the decision-making process.

  2. Gather pertinent information

    Research the average starting salary for a student with a degree in the majors that capture your interest, Check out their employment rate within six months of graduating.

  3. Talk with individuals

    Getting information directly from the source is essential when making a decision on a college major. Ideally, find a student who is already enrolled in the program. Ask him to share information on exactly what lies ahead, as well as inside tips and advice you could not find elsewhere.

  4. Visit related classes

    Use general education credits to get a feel for which major appeals to you the most. After discussing options with an advisor, choose specific classes with the potential to pique interest in a more specific academic area. As you take classes in each area, it should be easier to narrow choices and ultimately make an educated decision.