How Do You Choose a Good Survey Topic?

How Do You Choose a Good Survey Topic?

A well-devised survey is defined by data gathered in a cogent manner. When information can be interpreted directly and without bias, a survey can be considered a success.

  1. Think about yourself

    Often, the simplest way to choose a survey topic is to ask yourself what you would like to ask people about. What do you respond to? What do you take interest in?

  2. Think about your audience

    Though the majority of a survey's tact derives from the method by which the information was collected, no one at a bacon convention wants to participate in a survey on the dangers of saturated fat.

  3. Choose a type of survey

    Most surveys can be classified as either knowledge or perception surveys. Knowledge surveys are conducted to understand what individuals believe they know to be factual. Perception surveys allow surveyors to understand how people feel about or perceive something.