How Do You Choose a Good Physical Therapy College?


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Choose a good physical therapy college by verifying that the school has current Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education accreditation. This organization provides accreditation to all reputable physical therapy schools in the United States, and doctors and hospitals prefer physical therapists with degrees or certificates from accredited programs.

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Because all physical therapy schools in the U.S. are accredited by the same organization, they have less variability in curriculum and quality of instruction compared to schools for other professions. Therefore, if you choose a school with CAPTE accreditation, you are guaranteed a high-quality, industry-standard education.

Consider the cost of education when applying to physical therapy schools. Physical therapy education is more intensive than most other types of schooling, so expect to spend about 40 hours a week in class, in a lab or studying. Because of the time commitment required, working a full-time job is not usually feasible. While expensive private schools offer attractive amenities and facilities, more affordable public schools have high-quality educational resources as well.

The location of your physical therapy college is also important. Most physical therapy colleges offer graduating students career placement. While placements are abundant in densely populated urban areas, physical therapy colleges in rural areas can experience stiff competition for limited placement spots.

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