How Do You Choose a French Baby Name?


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Many online and printed sources offer extensive lists of baby names from many origins, including France. Such sources include BabyNames.com, babycenter and "The Complete Book of Baby Names" by Lesley Bolton.

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Choosing the perfect baby name in the language of choice is as simple as a click or the turn of a page. Websites like BabyNames.com offer thousands of names for expecting parents. Simply clicking the option to sort by origin singles out all French names. From there, picking a name is entirely up to the preference of the parent. Names can also be listed depending on how unique the parents wants to go with a name. There are thousands of names on such sites from which to choose. For example, a few French names for boys include, Gabriel, Alec, Gaston, Alexandre, Alphonse, Anatole, Anton, Ansel, Christobel, Claral, Duval, Jordane, Xaverie, Germaine and Yollan. Ideal names for little girls include Apolline, Arianne, Annick, Merral, Alexandra, Maxine, Arabelle, Madelina, Christine, Christal, Julianne, Madeline, Jolie, Gigi, Giselle, Natalie and Nicole. If surfing the Web isn't the right option, stores, such as Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Wal-Mart and Christian Books all sell baby books in varied prices for all buyers. Most books available offer sorted sections by origin, or an index with origins for each name listed.

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