How Do You Choose Computer Technology Courses to Bolster Your Resume?

How Do You Choose Computer Technology Courses to Bolster Your Resume?

Students can choose computer technology courses to booster their resumes by inquiring with hiring managers, employers, college educators, and career and employment specialists about computer skills and application knowledge necessary for professionals in their industry. College academic advisors can also help individuals choose the right classes based on degree requirements or skill-based needs to bolster a resume.

Professionals who work with spreadsheets and bookkeeping benefit from taking computer courses in software applications such as Microsoft Excel or Quickbooks. Individuals seeking positions that require them to code may choose courses on coding and HTML.

Computer technology courses in Web design may help prepare applicants for careers in information technology, marketing or graphic design. Individuals may also opt to take standard courses in applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Access to gain knowledge and skills beneficial for many clerical and office positions.

An Internet basics course that teaches advanced search engine tools, video conferencing programs such as Skype, and multimedia basics may help bolster a resume for an individual entering media or online marketing positions. Professionals interested in learning about computer science and hardware may opt for a basic course focused on operating systems, computer forensics, networking, algorithms, debugging and data structures.

Advanced courses in computer system engineering are often suitable for information technology professionals seeking skills in encryption, virtual memory and computer security infrastructures. These skills help prepare the students for upper-level positions in corporations or private firms.