How Do You Choose a College With a Strong Law School Program?

How Do You Choose a College With a Strong Law School Program?

To choose a college with a strong law school program, research programs in the field of interest, such as health or tax law, then assess the college's law program in terms of reputation, location and standardized test score requirements, suggests Loyola University Chicago. It is also important to look at the program's curriculum, faculty, facilities and activities.

Do the following when choosing a law school program.

  1. Find schools in area of interest
  2. Consider the area of law most of interest and then search online for law schools offering programs in that field. Check national rankings, such as those from U.S. News & World Report, and read reviews of the law schools from previous graduates to see how the law education has helped their careers.

  3. Narrow down by admissions requirements
  4. Narrow down options by area of law practice then check the schools' admissions requirements to check for standardized test score and grade point average requirements, according to U.S. News & World Report. Select schools that are highly ranked and within reach according to those requirements.

  5. Consider additional factors
  6. Examine each school's curriculum content, opportunities for mock court trials, faculty credentials and experience, program cost, location, facilities, student organizations and career assistance. Narrow down to those schools that seem to offer the optimal experience.

  7. Apply
  8. Apply to several law schools of interest since admission is not guaranteed, warns the Law School Admission Council. Visit each school's website to explore application requirements and apply.