How Do You Choose Books for Kindergarten Students?


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Tips for choosing books for kindergarten students include talking with children about their interests, allowing them to choose books to read and asking what books your local library recommends. Other considerations include theme and subject matter, such as public manners and going to school.

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How Do You Choose Books for Kindergarten Students?
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According to “Choosing Books for Young Children,” introducing children to different kinds of books also introduces them to new kinds of reading experiences. Some types of books recommended for kindergarteners include ABC and counting books, wordless picture books (to build vocabulary), pattern books (repeated texts and plots that are easy to learn), concept books (to introduce classes of objects or ideas such as color and shape) and information books that use realistic photos to introduce facts about topics.

While it’s true that young readers typically learn something new every time they read, it’s equally important that children know it’s also alright to read purely for pleasure. To encourage children to pick books that they’re interested in, take them to libraries or bookstores and let them browse the children's shelves. Let children choose at least some of the books they read. Ask them what they’re interested in reading, and show interest by asking them why they pick the books they do. Also, when they reads books they don’t like, tell them it’s okay to say so.

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