How Do You Choose Baby Names?

How Do You Choose Baby Names?

Use a Baby Names finder or book to choose a baby name. Some things to keep in mind during the name selection process include: the sound of the name, potentially horrible initials or nicknames, uniqueness of the name, family heritage and the meaning of the name.

Sound out the potential baby name to determine whether it sounds good with your surname. Consider whether the potential name sounds pleasant or harsh to the ear.

Next, make sure to eliminate the possibility that the name, in combination with your surname, could result in unpleasant initials and nicknames. Ensure there is no room for blatant misunderstandings or jokes that could be derived from your child's name.

Following this, ascertain that the name is reasonably unique to ensure its bearer will stand out from a crowd. It's all too common for many classes and neighborhoods to have two or even three children with the same name. If your surname is conventional, opt for an original and interesting first name.

Consider the meaning behind the name. Perhaps choosing a symbolic name is important to your family. On the other hand, it is also a good idea to ensure that the name doesn't mean something offensive or overly strange.

Lastly, take into account family traditions and heritage as well as religious views when choosing the name of your child.