What does "choi tro choi" mean in English?


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"Tr�� ch?i" means "game." By itself, "ch?i" means "to play," so "ch?i Tr�� ch?i" translates to "play a game." The word "ch?i" commonly occurs in game-related phrases, such as "s? ch?i b��i," the Vietnamese name for poker and "ch?i b��i," which means "to play cards."

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"Tr�� ch?i" is also common in the names of Vietnamese sites that offer online games for children. Tr�� ch?i Vi?t translates to "Vietnamese Games," while Tr�� Ch?i Online means "Games Online."

The verb "ch?i" has similar usages as "to play" in English. Besides its game-related usages, "ch?i" also applies to playing instruments (as in "ch?i ?��n piano," or "to play the piano") and playing tricks (for example, "ch?i kh?m," which translates as "to play a trick").

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