What Does "choi Tro Choi" Mean in English?


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"Trò ch?i" means "game." By itself, "ch?i" means "to play," so "ch?i Trò ch?i" translates to "play a game." The word "ch?i" commonly occurs in game-related phrases, such as "s? ch?i bài," the Vietnamese name for poker and "ch?i bài," which means "to play cards."

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"Trò ch?i" is also common in the names of Vietnamese sites that offer online games for children. Trò ch?i Vi?t translates to "Vietnamese Games," while Trò Ch?i Online means "Games Online."

The verb "ch?i" has similar usages as "to play" in English. Besides its game-related usages, "ch?i" also applies to playing instruments (as in "ch?i ?àn piano," or "to play the piano") and playing tricks (for example, "ch?i kh?m," which translates as "to play a trick").

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