What Are Some Chinese First Names?


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Some popular Chinese names for boys include Bai, which means "white;" Chanming, which means "forever bright;" Cheng, which means "accomplished" and Genghis, which means "just, righteous and true," according to the Top 100 Baby Names Search website. Some Chinese girl names include Chow, which means "summertime;" Dongmei, which means "winter plum;" Ling, which means "compassion and understanding" and Ming Hua, which means "tomorrow's flower."

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In Chinese, the given name or first name is written after the family name or surname, which is the opposite of Western naming practices. The most common name in China is Wei, as of 2015. There are not very many Chinese surnames, but there are an infinite number of Chinese given names.

In China, it is a show of disrespect to name a baby after an older family member, and considered unlucky to name a child after a famous historical figure or celebrity, notes Wikipedia. During the Chinese Empire, people who failed to change their names after an emperor rose to the throne could be severely punished. Oftentimes, a Chinese family will share the first two characters of first names with all members of the family.

Boys' names in China are usually selected for their strong masculine references, while girls' names convey beauty or feature the name of a flower. Brothers and sisters may have special characters that are related in other ways, such as a brother and sister with names for the sun and moon.

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