What Do Chinese Birth Symbols Mean?


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Chinese birth symbols are said to have a great deal of influence on a person's qualities and potential romantic partners. For example, a person born under the Rat birth sign is said to be intelligent, charming and outgoing, and also compatible with those born under the Dragon and Monkey signs.

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Those born in a year of the Ox are said to be loyal, strong and reasonable, and make great partners of those who were born in the year of the Snake or Rooster. Tigers supposedly partner well with Horses and Dogs, and are confident, charismatic types. Rabbits are allegedly more modest and empathetic, and as such they are best suited to relationships with Sheep or Boar.

Dragons are said to be extremely lucky and charismatic, but also artistically inclined; they're often attracted to Rats and Monkeys. Snakes are characterized as very philosophical, attentive people who pair well with Roosters or Ox, while Horses are strong and adventurous Tiger lovers.

Sheep are seen as tasteful, charming people who work well with Rabbits, whereas quick-witted Monkeys often work better with Dragons. Roosters are honest and confident, Dogs are loyal and courageous, and Boars are often determined and sincere partners of Sheep or Rabbits.

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