What Are Some Chinese Baby Girl Names?


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Examples of Chinese girls' names are Bi, Chan, Feng, Hua, Jiao and Lan. Bi translates to green jade, Chan means beautiful or graceful girl and Feng means phoenix. Hua is the Chinese word for flower, Jiao is charming and lovely, and Lan is an orchid.

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What Are Some Chinese Baby Girl Names?
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ChineseNames.org provides a full alphabetical list of baby names for Chinese girls and boys. The list provides the authentic Chinese name, English translation and the Chinese symbol for the name. Other websites that provide lists of names for Chinese girls are BabyNames.com, Babynology.com, BabyNames.net and Parents.com.

Chinese names vary greatly due to Mandarin or Cantonese dialects. Different dynasties and religions such as Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism also contribute to the diversity. Over 5,000 years of dynasties and religious pursuit have brought China many family traditions and naming customs. Many names for Chinese girls translate to different flowers, gems or words that relate to peace and beauty.

The websites listed all provide the Chinese name and English translation. Information is available on the history of the name on some of these sites. Users can search for names by letter, gender and popularity. A couple of these website also offer tips and advice for name choosing and parenting.

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