How Do Children Learn to Type Through Dance Mat Typing ?


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Dance Mat Typing helps children learn to type by using songs and encouraging animated characters who walk children through four levels, each with three stages. Children are encouraged not to look at their fingers as they type and are shown a map of the keyboard on the screen.

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The progression of stages and levels is for hand placement, not typing speed, and children are encouraged to take their time as they play each level. On the screen, only the keys that are currently being used are colored on the screen, while the keys that are not in use remain gray. Each finger also has a color assigned to it and only the keys that are hit with that finger display that particular color.

Children start by learning about the home row, where 10 keys and the space bar are introduced. Children begin with the first eight keys where the fingers rest and then incorporate the letters G and H. After the first stage, keys are introduced two at a time, except for stage 10, where three keys are introduced. By the end of stage 12, children are able to type all of the of the letter and punctuation keys, as well as use the space bar and shift keys, without looking at their fingers.

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