How Does My Child Take a WISC IQ Test?

How Does My Child Take a WISC IQ Test?

How Does My Child Take a WISC IQ Test?

The WISC, or Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, IQ test is used by private schools, psychologists and neuropsychologists to determine a child's intelligence and learning ability. It requires no reading and writing skills and takes about 65 to 80 minutes to administer.

  1. Schedule a test

    Private schools may require the test as part of their admissions or student assessment process. If you want to have your child tested individually, schedule a test with a qualified private psychologist.

  2. Prepare your child

    Because the WISC IQ test is an assessment of general cognitive ability, your child cannot prepare by reading and studying practice questions. Prepare your child by providing sufficient healthful nutrition and rest before the test.

  3. Understand what the test measures

    Be aware that the WISC IQ test measures some, but not all forms of intelligence. It measures verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory and processing speed. However, it does not measure creativity, emotional maturity or other types of intelligence. Some schools and psychologists use it to determine if a child's performance in school measures up to academic potential, and also whether the child has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or other learning disabilities. After your child completes the test, meet with the test administrator to discuss the results.