What Is a Child Absence Letter, and How Is It Used?

child-absence-letter-used Credit: Mark John/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

A child absence letter is a letter written to a teacher or school official, and it is used to notify the school of a student’s previous or upcoming absence. A child’s parent or official guardian writes the letter of absence. Most schools require parents to send a letter that explains the reason for a student’s absence.

A letter of absence provides written validation for a specific absence, and it mentions the reason why a student failed to attend school. It also serves to make arrangements for completion of a missed exam, homework or project. When the absence is accepted, the teacher will set a schedule for taking a missed exam or make special arrangements to finish a missed assignment. Also, the absence will not appear on the student’s record. A medical emergency or illness is the most common reason stated in a child absence letter. In this case, it is important to include a medical certificate along with the letter. The generic layout of an absence letter includes the date of the absence, a salutation to the teacher or school official, the reason for the past absence or the planned date of return if writing for an upcoming absence, the child’s full name, the parent’s printed name, complete address, contact details, the parent’s signature and the date. Students typically get excused from an absence when a valid and well-written letter of absence is provided. An effective letter is grammatical, concise, sincere and polite.