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Chic style, in its most general sense, is that which is fashionable. A direct translation of the word "chic" from French produces the meaning "smart" - or, by extension, "to be stylish."

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As a description of something which is basically fashionable, rather than a particular aesthetic movement, chic does not necessarily refer to any one style of dress. It does, however, more strongly refer to the characteristic of maintaining a fashionable appearance without giving the overt impression that that is the objective in itself, or that much effort has been exerted to achieve it. A woman wishing to attain a chic style may therefore attempt to dress in a manner that is suited particularly to her own appearance.

Chic was established as a word in the English language from the late 19th century, and was initially considered to be a form of slang. Whilst the idea of a "chic style" is used most frequently in the context of fashion, it may similarly be applied as a description of social arrangements, objects, or individuals. The use of the word chic with other French modifiers - such as "tres chic" - may be considered as either pretentious or facetious depending on the circumstances.

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