How Do You Check Grammar Online?

To check grammar online, visit websites such as, Ginger or, copy and paste the text into the text box of the website, and then click on the provided search feature to view the results. The search results highlight common mistakes in punctuation, spelling, grammar and word usage.

On Grammarly, the text box appears in the middle of the home page. Copy and paste the text into the text box of the website and then click Check Your Text. Alternatively, click Upload a File to upload large files from your computer.

At PaperRater, click Use Now Free, copy and paste the text into the text box, accept the terms and conditions, and then click Get Report. For larger files, click the Upload File link, select the document from your computer and click Open.

The grammar-checking tool on Grammarly suits articles, blog posts, press releases and other short texts. Grammarly provides additional learning resources to improve your vocabulary and avoid common writing mistakes. It also offers an online plagiarism checker tool that analyzes the originality of a particular text by comparing it to other pages on the Internet.

PaperRater is suitable for finding grammatical errors in larger documents, such as academic essays, due to its advanced search features.

Ginger is also a free, easy grammar check site. From the document, copy the selection Ginger should check. Paste it into the top text box on the homepage. Click Ginger It! Review the changes in the box which appear in a box below the input box, then highlight the text, right click and hit Copy. The text is ready to go into an email, Word document or other word processing program.

Other online grammar checking programs include Hemingway and SpellCheckPlus.