How Do You Check Your Grades Using CPS?

How Do You Check Your Grades Using CPS?

Check CPS grades by using the student portal link provided by the Chicago Public Schools official website. The student portal is available for Chicago public school children in grades 5 through 12 if their schools participate in this program. Before using the student portal, usernames and passwords must be obtained.

The Chicago Public School system provides this portal so that students can view their school information, including grades, attendance, report cards, calendar and assignments. The process for using the student portal is simple.

  1. Establish an account for the student portal
  2. Get a designated student portal username and password, which is generally the same as the student's FirstClass username and password assigned to them by a school staff member. Obtain login credentials from a teacher or school administrator if the student does not have this information or has lost it.

  3. Use the login credentials at the student portal site
  4. Go to the Chicago Public Schools website's student resource page and click on the link provided for the student portal. Use a computer to log in with the assigned username and password. View the grades by clicking on the "Grades" link found on the left side of the portal page.

The Chicago Public Schools website has links to additional information and resources that show and explain the different features found on the portal page. Additionally, there also is a CPS portal for parents where they can view their child's school information.