How Do You Check Your ACT Scores Online?

View your ACT scores online by logging in to your ACT Web account at Scores are normally available between three and eight weeks after taking the test.

Around three to eight weeks after taking the ACT test, scores begin to become available for online viewing. Log in to your ACT account at, which is the same account used to register for the test at a national or international test center; help is available if you don't remember your login information. Multiple choice scores are generally available in three weeks. Writing scores can take at least two weeks longer. Scores may not be available at the earliest estimates, so ACTStudent recommends checking back weekly. Tests are processed, and scores are usually posted, on Wednesdays and Fridays.

While most scores are available at eight weeks, delays can occur. Some factors that can delay online score availability include difficulty verifying the tester's identity with the information provided, slow test submission by the testing center, outstanding registration fees, or incomplete or inaccurate test form information. Online viewing of test scores does not affect the speed of reporting those scores to colleges and universities. Scores cannot be delivered online by email or chat.