What Is the Cheapest Way to Learn Spanish in Spain?

cheapest-way-learn-spanish-spain Credit: Randi Hausken/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The cheapest way to learn Spanish in Spain is an "intercambio," which is Spanish for a language exchange. This is where a Spanish speaker and an English speaker meet and teach each other their respective languages. Language schools usually have boards where people put up ads offering or requesting a language exchange partner. Since both people are helping one another learn, language exchanges are free for both parties.

Other free methods of learning Spanish in Spain are speaking with other people, watching television and reading. Speaking with other people builds talking and listening skills in that language, with someone there to correct mistakes. When watching television, the person hears proper pronunciation and is exposed to new words. Reading is another way to learn new words and learn about sentence structure.

While a person can talk to people in Spain anywhere, social activities, such as parties and events, provide the best opportunities for long conversations. Language exchange parties, where a group of people interested in finding language exchange partners, are another option.

Spanish schools are another option for learning Spanish in Spain. While these aren't free, they provide a more structured learning experience than other learning methods.

When learning Spanish in Spain, the person should find a region with Spanish as the primary language, as some regions have other primary languages. He should visit different Spanish-speaking areas to hear different accents.