What Are the Cheapest Colleges in Canada?

The cheapest colleges in Canada are Memorial University of Newfoundland, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and Universite de Saint-Boniface. All of these schools charge less than $4,000 CAD per semester for Canadian students. However, tuition for international students costs more.

The colleges and universities in Quebec are the cheapest in Canada for some students, but their upper tuition range is much higher. The tuition range for these schools spans from approximately $2,200 CAD to $6,700 CAD per semester, which makes them twice as expensive as schools in other provinces for some students. Schools that use this tuition scale include McGill University, Bishop's University, Concordia University and Universite de Montreal.

The cheapest Canadian colleges for international students are Memorial University of Newfoundland, Universite Sainte-Anne, Brandon University and Canadian Mennonite University. Full-time tuition for an international student at these schools falls between approximately $6,400 CAD and $9,000 CAD per semester.

Canadian students with Aboriginal heritage qualify for special programs and tuition rates at many schools. The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada maintains an up to date listing of programs and financial assistance available to Aboriginal students. This list is sorted by school.