How Do You Change Your Handwriting?


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Ways to change handwriting include choosing a different style of pen and paper, practicing a desired handwriting style with tracing paper, and writing at a slower pace to allow more attention to letter formation. It is also helpful to begin a journal to get in plenty of handwriting practice.

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Some people find that different pen styles give them more control over their handwriting. For example, some people have a tendency to grip thin pens tightly, while pens with thicker barrels force them to loosen their grips and extend their fingers further, thereby relaxing their hands. Writing with relaxed hands can also lessen aching after writing for a while and improve the overall quality of the handwriting. When trying to develop a new style of handwriting, it can be helpful to try writing in a large font at first and then work toward writing small letters once the new style becomes more comfortable. Paper with wide lines encourages larger handwriting.

If an individual has difficulty figuring out how to form letters to adopt a new handwriting style, it can be useful to try tracing handwriting that resembles the desired style. This helps the person get into the habit of forming letters in the appropriate manner. It is also important to remember that persistence is necessary to break the habit of writing in one style and beginning writing in the new way. Regular practice, such as writing in a daily journal, eventually yields the desired result.

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