What Are Some Challenging Spelling Words for Practice?


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Some challenging spelling words to practice are "aardvark," "forsythia," "harpsichord," "haughty" and "oscillate." A few other tough words are "paraphernalia," "patriarch," "stationery," "suave" and "subpoena."

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What Are Some Challenging Spelling Words for Practice?
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Some words can be challenging to spell due to confusing pronunciations or excessive length. An aardvark is an anteater-like animal. The word is challenging due to the double "A" and excessive consonants. It is also not used very often in everyday conversation.

A harpsichord is a keyboard instrument in the percussion family. The word "harpsichord" can be difficult to spell because of excessive consonants appearing next to each other and infrequency of word use. The word "paraphernalia," or a piece of apparatus for an activity, is long and has a somewhat silent "r."

A few more common words that often get misspelled are "abyss," "acceptance," "accessible," "adjective" and "explanation." Identifying common misspellings and practicing can help reduce mistakes. "Abyss" is often spelled with an "i" instead of a "y." Acceptance is often misspelled as "acceptence" due to the confusing pronunciation. "Accessible" has two sets of double consonants as well as confusing pronunciations.

"Explanation" derives from the verb "to explain." The verb form contains an "i", while the noun form does not. Additionally, the "tion" suffix is actually pronounced as "shun." The "plan" part of the word is pronounced "plun," once again leading to frequent misspellings.

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