How Do You Get Certified to Teach Spanish?


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To become certified to teach Spanish, complete an education degree with a minor in languages, and research what your state's certification requirements are to teach in a the school systems. For many states, the certification process includes a round of testing that qualifies and quantifies your ability to teach at your chosen grade level or subject matter. Once you successfully pass the exams, you become a certified teacher in your state.

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Before you are able to obtain certification to teach Spanish in a high school, middle school or elementary school, you must complete a bachelor's degree or a master's degree, depending on your state's requirements. Within the Spanish language courses at your college, you learn language, literature and culture. In order to earn your degree, you have to speak, read and write Spanish proficiently. Once you have the required degree, obtain a bilingual educator credential or a Spanish language credential to suit both state requirements and those of the schools in which you have interest.

Some school districts or private schools pay for your certification costs or your student loans if you sign a contract to teach with that school system for a particular length of time. If, for any reason, you move to another state, you must renew your certification for that state before you are able to teach in the public school system again.

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