What Are Some Cell Model Project Ideas?


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It is possible to make a cell cake, cookie or Jell-O mold. Another option is making a clay or Play-Doh cell model. Papier mache and Styrofoam craft products also make good cell model projects. A person with strong sewing skills is able to make cell model blankets and pillow covers.

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To make a cell Jell-O mold, gather a variety of fruit pieces to represent the different parts of the cell. Use a piece of pineapple surrounding a cherry to represent the nucleus and the nucleolus. Use grapes to represent the vacuoles and pieces of mandarin orange for the mitochondria. Cut up apples for the lysosomes, and consider an exotic fruit such as star fruit or passion fruit for the Golgi bodies. Use green or yellow Jell-O for the cell body so that all of the organelles are visible. Place plastic around the mold to represent the cell wall.

Use candy for the organelles in a cake or cookie cell model. Perhaps make a round vanilla cake with a chocolate center for the nucleus. Add some icing in the center of the nucleus to represent the nucleolus. Add another color of icing to the outer section of the cake to represent the cell wall. Use candies for the organelles, such as gummy worms for Golgi bodies and candy-coated chocolates for lysosomes. Consider vanilla wafers for the mitochondria and juicy candy for the vacuoles.

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