What Are the Causes of Classroom Discipline Problems?

Students may misbehave in the classroom for several reasons: physical problems, special needs, craving attention, boredom or a lack of teacher engagement. It is perfectly natural for students to get restless occasionally, but if it is a common and disruptive problem, the underlying cause must be addressed.

Physical and mental needs of children

Children crave attention for many reasons. Some do not get the attention they need at home and will act out to get any response from an authority figure such as a teacher. Others want attention and to be liked by peers and end up acting out in an attempt to be funny, turning them into the prototypical class clown. According to WebMD, some children will even act out due to mental illnesses such as depression.

Engagement and boredom

Many children do not act out for the sole reason of causing trouble but because they are bored and cannot connect with the teacher. This issue is often the problem of the teacher, not the child. Teachers must be able to understand how their students view the subject material and present it in a way that it seems relevant, fun and useful.