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Castle Learning is an online educational tool that offers testing, reviews and assessment tools to teachers and students. The platform is targeted at children in kindergarten through high school.

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The Castle Learning system is meant to provide a virtual platform for students to take assignments and continue their learning outside of the classroom. Educators can post assignments and tests through the Castle Learning platform, which students may access and complete anywhere. The system provides hints and linked content to help students master the material. In addition, Castle Learning provides a number of auxiliary features, including a sizable collection of classic literature for English teachers and an equation generator for math classes.

From the student's perspective, the biggest benefit offered by Castle Learning is the ability to access assignments anytime, anywhere. The system features both online and offline delivery systems that allow students to complete assignments even when they don't have Internet access.

Additionally, the Castle Learning platform greatly benefits teachers and administrators. In addition to immediately grading student assignments, Castle Learning makes it simple for teachers to compare student scores and generate data on student success. This feature also aids administrators in comparing student scores between classrooms. Scores can also be compared between schools in the same district.

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