What Does "casas Para Comprar" Mean in English?


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"Casas para comprar" is Spanish for "Houses to Buy". "Casas" is plural for "casa," which means house, while the preposition "para" literally means "for". The base verb for "comprar" in English is "buy," and it is expressed in a to-infinitive form, so the translation is "to buy".

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"Casa" is a feminine noun in Spanish that while literally meaning "house," is used in several other contexts. It can refer to a company or royal lineage, as well as to a bar or restaurant. In connection with a business, for example, one could say, in English translation, "The company will pay the bill," where the "company" would be "casa". A royal family may belong to a certain "house" or "casa," and a bar's "house" wine is called the "vino de la casa".

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