What Are Some Facts About Carrollton High School?


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Carollton High School is part of the Carollton City school district located in Carollton, GA. It is a public high school, and its mascot is the Trojans. The high school shares a 130-acre campus with the Carollton Elementary School, the Carollton Middle School and the Carollton Junior High School.

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Carollton High School provides a number of services and special programs including counseling and advising, health and social services, and health and wellness. It also offers specialized education for youths who have had behavioral issues called the Ombudsman Program. This program serves students in grades 6 to 12 and provides students not only with education but also with social skills training, college and career planning, and community service opportunities. Another unique program offered by Carollton is the ESOL, or English to Speakers of Other Languages. The program is specifically directed towards students with diverse cultural backgrounds who are learning the English language.

Carollton High School also has around 25 different clubs for students to participate in. Academic clubs include Beta Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Academic Team and various honor societies. Leadership clubs include Key Club and Student Council. Religious clubs include First Priority and Outdoors Club. The high school also has an athletic club for Christian athletes.

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