What Careers Are Available to You Without a College Degree?


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Careers that do not require a college degree include some areas of law enforcement, firefighting, sales, truck driving and clerical services. A person can also pursue a successful career in one of many skilled trades without having to earn a college degree.

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Many fulfilling careers in public service can be pursued without any kind of college degree. Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians are generally not required to have any college experience. Pursuing a career in sales does not inherently require any kind of degree. Neither do most bookkeeping and clerical positions. Truck drivers must complete training and pass certification tests, but are not required to hold a degree.

Skilled tradesmen such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, HVAC technicians and masons can all create lucrative careers without having to earn a college degree. Medical technicians and dental assistants may have to participate in training programs, but are often not required to earn a separate degree. Some other career options for people without degrees include web design, entertainment and air travel; neither commercial pilots nor professional flight attendants must have college degrees. Additionally, people who do not have a degree can follow careers in cosmetology, equipment operation, real estate, fitness training and counseling.

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