What Career Programs Are Offered at Lone Star College?

What Career Programs Are Offered at Lone Star College?

Career and technical programs are available at Lone Star College in the fields of agriculture, food and natural resources, architecture and construction, business management and administration, human services, and finance. Specific programs include the Veterinary Technology AAS, Electrical Technology (Level I Certificate), Accounting Certificate and Basic Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate.

The Veterinary Technology AAS is a two-year program and has accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association. In addition to study, students receive practical experience in working with cows, dogs, cats, horses, pigs and other types of animals. Successful completion prepares students for the State and National Veterinary Technology Board Examinations.

The Electrical Technology, Level I Certificate includes courses in basic electric theory, electrical tools and safety, residential and commercial writing, and electric codes. The program requires 24 credit hours for completion.

Principles Of Financial Accounting, Federal Income Tax: Individual and Principles Of Managerial Accounting are among the course components of the Accounting Certificate. The program prepares students for entry-level careers as ledger accountants, internal auditors or electrical trainees.

The Basic Chemical Dependency Counselor Certificate trains students to work with those struggling with substance abuse, mental disorders and those lacking the basic necessities of life. Orientation to Social Services, Basic Counseling Skills and Dynamics of Group Counseling are among the courses.