Where Can You Find Help Writing the Introduction for a Paper?

An introduction for a research paper is the first few sentences that introduce the topic and provides an interesting link to the body of the paper. Many examples of written introductions are available online at websites such as Time 4 Writing. An introduction should include an interesting topic sentence pertaining to the subject of the paper.

The introduction paragraph includes the topic sentence that can be a question, hook, example or quote to interest the reader. It should proceed into the paragraph that mention the main topics of the paper. The last part of an introduction is the conclusion sentence that summarizes the topics of the introduction.

To find help when writing an introduction for a paper, many students find that guidelines online on college websites are helpful as well as making an appointment at their own college writing center. Most campuses have college writing centers, such as Hamilton University, where there are peer tutors that offer free services including helping students to write excellent papers.

Writing centers can help students with more than writing the introduction to a paper as they can also serve as a way for the student to grow in his or her writing abilities. The writing center can also be used as a way to strengthen creative writing projects.