How Can You Write a Teacher Introduction Letter to Parents?


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To write a teacher introduction letter to parents, begin with a greeting, write the body telling about your background and teaching philosophy, and finish with contact information and a signature. Keep the letter brief, and send it to parents before school starts.

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Start the letter with a personalized greeting, remembering to mention the student by name throughout the letter. In the body, write an introduction of yourself as a teacher, explaining what subject you teach and what your teaching philosophy includes. For instance, mention how you get to know your students' interests and what you normally do in your first few weeks in the classroom. Talk about your teaching background and your education. Close the letter with a list of contact information that includes your school email address, the school phone with extension, and a Twitter account or blog, if applicable.

Finally, list the best times for parents to contact you, and invite parents to meet with you before class. Finish with your full name and signature. To get even more out of your letter to parents, attach a small questionnaire they can fill out so you can get to know the students better. This can include questions about the child's individual learning style and any accommodations the child might need to excel.

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