How Can You Write a Sample Sponsorship Letter?

How Can You Write a Sample Sponsorship Letter?

To write a sample sponsorship letter, address the letter to the business or organization. Provide information about the organization seeking sponsorship, such as non-profit status, achievements and goals. Explain how the sponsorship program works or how the organization uses donations and write a paragraph about the benefits for sponsors. The letter should include contact information to respond or send a donation as well as a tax identification number for the organization for the sponsor's tax records.

  1. Address the sponsor directly

    Research the business or organization to determine the person who is responsible for considering sponsorships or donations. Verify the individual's title and how to spell the person's name, and address the letter accordingly.

  2. Introduce the organization

    Provide an overview of the organization seeking sponsorship. For example, if the organization is a school band, note how many members are in the band, the performances or achievements of the band, and the need for funding or lack of funding provided by other sources.

  3. Detail how sponsorship programs work

    Define how any donations from sponsorships benefit the organization. For example, if the nonprofit organization is helping to feed the homeless, provide this information. If the sponsorship program enables free advertising for the business in an event program or on a banner on display, provide details informing the sponsor of how this information is displayed.

  4. Explain the benefits

    Write about how sponsorships enable the organization to reach its goals, help the community and build a stronger reputation for the sponsor. Close the letter by thanking the sponsor for considering the request, and provide contact information, including a tax identification number, for the organization.