How Can I Write a Paragraph to Introduce Myself?

A short introduction paragraph begins with the writer?s name and profession, moves on to a description of important credentials and major accomplishments, and ends with a statement of upcoming projects or contact information. A biographical introduction often straddles the line between professionalism and personality.

Even though it?s typically written by the author, an introduction paragraph is written in the third person. An intro always opens with the writer?s name and a sentence briefly describing what she does. Typically this is just a mention of the writer?s profession, but it may also include specialized experience or a statement of how long the writer has been involved in her particular field.

An introduction then moves to a description of credentials, including education, certifications and membership in organizations. After credentials, a writer typically states any major accomplishments in her field. This section generally differs by profession. A writer lists publications, while a business professional recites major accomplishments. In almost any field, the writer mentions significant awards or recognitions.

An introduction often ends with a statement of the writer?s current or upcoming projects. Again, this differs by field. An author mentions any upcoming work, while a business professional lists new ventures in which she is involved. An introduction may also close with a brief statement about where the writer lives.