How Can I Write About Myself?


When writing about yourself, choose topics that are relevant to the main topic in which you speak about yourself. When possible, choose topics that you are generally comfortable explaining to other people.

Writing on topics that cause discomfort can make the act of writing much more difficult. If you find yourself struggling to find more things dealing with the topic, transition the writing into another topic of relevance. There are many ways to go about writing about yourself, such as a cover letter, personal biography, work biography or autobiography. Often, these are used as forms of self expression to find out which parts of your story you find important enough to tell and which parts can be excluded from your story. Going about it in this manners allows you to condense your writing so there is less filler in what your writing and more potent content. While doing this, choosing between writing in first person and third person perspective can make a difference in the fluency of your writing, according to Write to Done. Third person allows the reader to see your story as they would interpret it, sometimes giving the reader a cinematic experience, while first person allows the reader to see the story as you interpret it, often giving the reader a more personal experience.