How Can You Write a Literature Review?

To write a literature review, first organize your resources chronologically, historically, thematically or in an order that applies to the project for which it is written. Write an overview of the project that the literature review is to support, as well as a clear objective or thesis statement for the review. Explain what makes each work important, and how they relate to each other. Write a conclusion detailing which works provided the most support to your project.

Once the first draft is completed, read through the document and make needed edits. Because the document is likely part of a formal project, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation is imperative. Ensure that the review is written coherently. Make any needed cuts or additions to provide the document with the proper flow.

Use references that discuss the subject of your project and that aid in understanding various aspects about the subject. Each reference needs to be from an author or academic study with proper credentials to legitimize your research. To organize references historically, start with the earliest writings, or the texts that explain how the field has developed from the first method to the newest method. To organize thematically, have an outline of headings and subheading, and arrange the references accordingly. Alternately, organize references in pro and con sections, with the strongest arguments first.