How Can You Write a Letter to Request a Business Meeting?

How Can You Write a Letter to Request a Business Meeting?

A business meeting request letter should be written in a standard business-letter format and should not contain slang. State the reason for the meeting, the location of the meeting, potential meeting dates and times, and the benefits of meeting.

  1. Research the recipient

    Research the company and the specified recipient when addressing the letter. Use the information you gain to make the letter more direct and personal.

  2. Determine and state the reason for meeting

    Decide on the reason for meeting; it might be to network, present a business plan, make a sales pitch or schedule an interview. Once the reason is determined, state it clearly and concisely in the letter. State the benefits of the meeting as well, including any relevant testimonials or potential opportunities.

  3. Format the letter, and provide important information

    A business meeting request letter does not need to be long, but it should contain the following information: the place of meeting, a brief explanation of the meeting's purpose, possible meeting dates and times, the suggested length of meeting, a request for a follow-up and what the company or person you're making the request to would gain from meeting with you. Address all these points in a professional manner.

  4. Address the letter

    Address the letter professionally before sending.