Where can you find worksheets for teaching run-on sentences?


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Several online resources publish worksheets that deal with run-on sentences, including EnglishForEveryone.org, K12Reader.com, Super Teacher Worksheets and the Learning Center at D'Youville College. These worksheets are useful for teaching run-on sentences to children in elementary school and students who are learning English as a second language.

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EnglishForEveryone.org offers a PDF worksheet containing 10 run-on sentences. The student must correctly rewrite the sentence using punctuation and/or conjunctions or rearrange the words within the sentence. The website also provides an answer key.

K12 Reader publishes a PDF worksheet that supports Common Core State Standards for fourth grade language. The five-question worksheet includes instructions with an example, as well as an answer key. Students must rewrite each sentence using commas and conjunctions.

Members of Super Teacher Worksheets have access to worksheets that require students to rewrite run-on sentences correctly, as well as worksheets that ask users to identify run-on sentences, fragments and complete sentences. These PDF downloads also align with Common Core State Standards for fourth grade language.

The Learning Center's Online Writing Lab at D'Youville College offers two online worksheets that help teach and review run-on sentences. The first exercise features 10 sentences; users must determine whether the sentence is complete or a run-on. The second worksheet also consists of 10 sentences, but students must choose the correctly rewritten sentence from three possible answers. Both online worksheets are scored immediately.

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