Where Can You Find Free Worksheets to Help Kids With Multiplication?


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K5 Learning and Math-Aids.com both offer several free printable worksheets that people can use to help children learn multiplication. K5 Learning sorts its multiplication worksheets by grade so that people can choose age-appropriate ones, while Math-Aids.com has worksheets for all grade levels grouped together, although some are labeled as advanced.

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K5 Learning features multiplication worksheets focused on specific numbers at a time. There are also worksheets that require the student to fill in missing factors, multiply single- or 2-digit numbers by 10s or 100s or multiply 2-, 3- or 4-digit numbers in columns by 1 digit. Instructional videos are available to teach students how to solve such problems, and parents get access to answer keys.

Math-Aids.com offers worksheets that show times table charts and allow students to complete timed drills. There are also worksheets that require students to fill in missing factors. Multiplication problems with decimals, negative numbers and powers are also available.

Computer games like Timez Attack and Kakooma also teach multiplication. Flash cards shaped like triangles with multiplication fact families on them are also helpful teaching tools. Additionally, teachers may choose to incorporate short timed quizzes or make up contests to motivate students to do well.

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