How Can Workers Improve Productivity?


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Forbes explains that the best way for workers to improve productivity is by learning their body's natural schedule and planning work and activities accordingly. Workers can also assign priorities to tasks, establish set routines and group similar tasks together for maximum efficiency.

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Taking breaks may seem counter intuitive to increasing productivity, but Forbes explains that breaks refresh the body and mind. This makes it easier for workers to devote their attention to the tasks at hand.

Forbes recommends the creation of a list of simple, low-intensity tasks that can be completed in 5 minutes. Completing these tasks not only achieves work goals, but also promotes a sense of accomplishment and effectiveness that boosts productivity. Micro-tasks also prevent multitasking, a formidable obstacle to improving productivity. Multitasking stretches cognitive resources thin across many different tasks, making it difficult for workers to complete each task well.

TweakYourBiz explains that productivity largely comes from individuals, but it is dependent upon work environment too. A work environment that improves productivity focuses on accountability, follow-ups, management instead of micro-management, motivation, outreach and realistic goals. These conditions create a respectful environment where workers feel more open to voicing the needs and concerns they have about their workload, which may lead to increases in productivity.

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